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 I would like you and the management at Communication Solutions to know that my family and I are enjoying the great service and the great phones and support we have received from you. I have dealt with communications companies for over 10 years now, and we have never seen a better company when it comes to customer service. We can tell by your help and knowledge base that you actually care about the customer, and in today's world, that is becoming a rare thing. Again, thank you for all you do for us.

Billy Priest - Fort Worth, TX


Dear Bill,

Half a year ago, Danielson Designs was in a difficult position. We wanted to host our new web site in-house which meant we needed reliable, affordable Internet connection. However, the Industrial Park in which we are located doesn't have cable or DSL as options, and to have the Telco bring in leased lines was prohibitively expensive. Of course using satellite was not an option because of the huge delays brought in by the signal having to travel a few hundred thousand miles. What could we do? The service we received from our previous provider was so abysmal that we were down several hours per month, essentially shutting down business, and they obviously didn't care.

Thank goodness you came to town! Communication Solutions has delivered not only extremely reliable and affordable connectivity to the Internet, but you continually impress us with your responsiveness and professionalism. And if that wasn't enough, you didn't even wait to respond to us - you take the initiative to proactively call us and check how things are going. WOW!

The wonderful and courteous service you've provided causes us to be enthusiastically loyal Communication Solutions fans. Without hesitation, we would recommend you to anyone, business or residential, considering making your part of their team - there's just no one out there that comes close to offering the combination of value, professionalism, and reliability that you do.



Director of Information Technology - Danielson Designs


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