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Communication Solutions Offers MOTOTRBO™ Professional Digital

Two-Way Radio System


[Trinidad, CO] – [13, Janurary 2007] – Communication Solutions now offers the Motorola MOTOTRBO™ Professional Digital Two-Way Radio System, a standards-based digital communications platform that combines the best of two-way radio with digital technology to deliver increased capacity and spectral efficiency, integrated data applications, and enhanced voice communications.  

MOTOTRBO uses digital technology to improve basic functionality and system performance, including increased channel capacity, improved audio quality, up to 40% longer battery life, built-in privacy, and enhanced call signaling and control capabilities. MOTOTRBO also offers advanced applications including Text Messaging and GPS-based Location Services.  

“Our customers are looking for cost-effective solutions to meet their communication needs, and this digital radio system provides voice and data capability on one device while maintaining quality, reliability and mobility,” says Bill Leporte.   

MOTOTRBO is a comprehensive dual mode (analog and digital) system, making it possible to easily and affordably migrate to a digital platform. The portfolio includes repeaters, portable and mobile radios, accessories and services. 

Professional organizations such as transportation, education, construction, manufacturing, private security, smaller municipalities and public service entities are faced with the need for improved workforce productivity, operational efficiency and increased mobility while maintaining constant connectivity with the workforce. MOTOTRBO was designed to meet these expanding needs of these customers, especially those requiring reliable business critical communications combined with the higher performance capabilities that digital technology can provide.


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