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Communication Solutions started in Pueblo back in 1989. The garage of founder Larry Henderson served as his office. Now in our 16th year of business, we have offices in Colorado Springs, Pueblo and Denver and our newest office in Trinidad, serving the majority of the great state of Colorado. The Trinidad office is proud to server the great states of Colorado and New Mexico in businesses ranging from City Municipalities to Oil and Gas and Construction. When you need dependable service from someone who cares, contact Communication Solutions.

We are in business because of our customers, and look forward to serving your organization.



Why 2-Way Radio?
Before the advent of cellular telephones, Motorola 2-way radios were the prominent form of communicating to field personnel. Radio systems provided customers with the ability to immediately communicate to all of their employees with the push of a button. When cellular telephones were introduced, users started to flock towards this new technology. These same customers are starting to come back to 2-way. Why? They are finding that although cell phones are inexpensive to purchase, using them is similar to renting a house, you pay and pay and pay, yet you never own anything. 2-Way radio systems are designed to pay you back, by saving you thousands of dollars every year. Communication Solutions has systems throughout Southern Colorado, to cover the area you need. And your monthly airtime invoice is easy to read on one page! Check us out and come back to 2-Way!!


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